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Mother Nature Can Be A Real Bitch

Mother Nature can be your best friend or your arch enemy. Anything that is planned for an outdoor activity is subjected to Mother Nature’s whims. Golf obviously is no exception. Fall golf can really screw up your days schedule by a little something called a “Frost Delay”. Mother Nature Can Be A Real Bitch The trouble with frost delays is ...

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I Can’t Find My Golf Ball !!

Presidents Cup Vs. Seve Trophy (Seve Ballesteros)

Has this ever happened to you? You stripe one down the middle and you can’t find your ball. Well it’s either plugged like in spring or it’s under the dropped leaves of fall. Right now it’s fall so the ground is hard and it can only mean that the leaves you so admired last week are now hiding your golf ...

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Frost Delays Suck


Fall golf is an awesome time to play. Most players have hung up the sticks for the year by now and there of course is some of the prettiest scenery to be found. The only trouble is that you can’t play early in the day a lot of the times. Frost tends to set in overnight and delays all play ...

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Backyard Putting Greens

Teeing of first

This is something that every golfer should consider if you have the space at your home. A backyard putting green is the perfect way to improve your game, spend more time with the kids or even teach your spouse if they don’t presently play. Not too mention, it looks awesome in your backyard as a part of your landscape. Golf ...

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Golfing With Your Buddies

This is probably the best time on the golf course. You’re playing with your friends. You’re having a beer or whatever and your busting each other’s chops. It’s so much different than tournament golf, it’s hard to describe. There you are, on the tee and you’re feeling good about your driving because you just nailed the last one down the ...

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Someone’s Going To Get It !!

I just found this little gem on the internet. It was on the¬†Twitter account of Rory Mcllroy‘s girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki. She¬†took this photo of Rory sleeping. I remember doing this same thing to my wife and showing her the photo when she woke up. She didn’t talk to me for quite sometime after that. I guess taking a photo of ...

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Outings, Tournaments, Charity… Hooah!!!

There’s nothing better than seeing all of the golf carts lined up and ready to go. It means good times are ahead of you. Whether it’s an outing with the boys, a local tournament or time to give back to a cause that means something to you; the golf course offers it all to you. Now I know there are ...

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Who Said Golfer’s Can’t Get Chicks?

I remember back in High School when I played golf for the school. No girls thought that was cool. Not being named 4-time MVP and team Captain helped. I had to join the football team to get any attention and even that was limited. I’m glad to see that CaddyShack helped me out a little by making golf cool. And ...

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Is There A Better Sunrise?

Sunrises are beautiful. They set the mood for the day. If you see a huge bright sun coming up from the East; all is right with the world. Some people love to be at the beach or out on their deck or porch at home. Not me. I want to be at the golf course on the first tee looking ...

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Short Sided Again

Why does this happen all of the time? You know where you need to miss it but it happens time after time. Short siding yourself is the cause of so many doubles. Maybe your like me and you hunt at too many pins. I know I do that. I can’t help myself. I know I can make that shot. I’ve ...

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