Outings, Tournaments, Charity… Hooah!!!

There’s nothing better than seeing all of the golf carts lined up and ready to go. It means good times are ahead of you. Whether it’s an outing with the boys, a local tournament or time to give back to a cause that means something to you; the golf course offers it all to you. Now I know there are die hard walkers out there and they would always prefer to walk over riding. I get that… but you have to admit, seeing all the golf carts leave the starting area and go out to their assigned holes during an event is as orchestrated as a 4th of July Parade.

Outings, Tournaments, Charity… Hooah!!!

Let the 19thHoleGolfClub.com know about your favorite events. What did you like about them? Did you win any of the proxy prizes? Did you win your scramble?

Outings, Tournaments, Charity... Hooah!!!

Outings, Tournaments, Charity… Hooah!!!

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