Someone’s Going To Get It !!

I just found this little gem on the internet. It was on the Twitter account of Rory Mcllroy‘s girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki. She took this photo of Rory sleeping. I remember doing this same thing to my wife and showing her the photo when she woke up. She didn’t talk to me for quite sometime after that. I guess taking a photo of someone sleeping with their mouth hanging open like they’re going to perform orally just isn’t that flattering to some folks.

As I look at the photo, I know Caroline thought that it was adorable. And if Rory thought the same thing then who cares right? He obviously was exhausted because he fell asleep with his glasses on.

Someone’s Going To Get It !!

Please let the know about a photo of you taken that you wish wasn’t. Or maybe you took a photo you shouldn’t of. I’m guessing if your the photo taker, you have less remorse.

Someone's Going To Get It !!

Someone’s Going To Get It !!

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