Victor Dubuisson Hits Golf Ball In The Shit Like A 20 Handicap

Victor Dubuisson Hits Golf Ball In The Shit Like A 20 Handicap We have all been amazed by the talents of Professional golfers. So when one of the best golfers of the world hits the ball a little crooked, we somehow feel a little better about our games. Although most of us couldn’t recover like them could we? I have ...

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Finding The Fairway Is Hard

Everybody has those days when you can’t hit a fairway to save your life. You aim any and every way imaginable and one time you hit a pull hook and the next a push slice. What gives? It shouldn’t be as hard as it is to¬†find the “G-Spot”, should it? Finding The Fairway Is Hard Please let the 19thHoleGolfClub.com know ...

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Backyard Putting Greens

Teeing of first

This is something that every golfer should consider if you have the space at your home. A backyard putting green is the perfect way to improve your game, spend more time with the kids or even teach your spouse if they don’t presently play. Not too mention, it looks awesome in your backyard as a part of your landscape. Golf ...

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Short Sided Again

Why does this happen all of the time? You know where you need to miss it but it happens time after time. Short siding yourself is the cause of so many doubles. Maybe your like me and you hunt at too many pins. I know I do that. I can’t help myself. I know I can make that shot. I’ve ...

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Did You Ever Flush One?

I think we all can feel like this from time to time. We just hit the piss out of the ball but we don’t know exactly where it went. It could’ve gone O.B. or in the trap. Maybe over the green, in the water or even in the trees. It’s even possible the ball was tracking at the hole and ...

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I Finally Beat My Dad At Golf

I think every son can relate to this. It’s a big deal to beat Dad at anything much less golf. I Finally Beat My Dad At Golf I can still remember the day. Do You? Tell us about the big day. What did you shoot? Where did you play? How bad was the beat down? Was he pissed or proud? ...

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