Victor Dubuisson Hits Golf Ball In The Shit Like A 20 Handicap


Victor Dubuisson Hits Golf Ball In The Shit Like A 20 Handicap

We have all been amazed by the talents of Professional golfers. So when one of the best golfers of the world hits the ball a little crooked, we somehow feel a little better about our games. Although most of us couldn’t recover like them could we?

I have a confession… I really enjoy when a player hits the ball in the Shit because I enjoy seeing what goes through his mind to manufacture an escape. It’s an awesome learning experience for me and has really helped my game because I hit the ball in the Shit a lot.

The wants your stories. Tell us about your worst shots or your great escape shots. Maybe your playing partner did something amazing and you still talk about it.






  1. After furiously hurling his ball into the water, Dubuisson whipped his bag several times with an iron before putting the boot in for good measure.

  2. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Ryder Cup star continued his meltdown walking down the fairway as he hit himself on the leg with another iron.

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