New Equipment Is Coming… Hurry!!

Well it’s the season where all of the golf club manufacturers are putting out their latest and greatest revolutionary engineering breakthroughs. Yeah… I like it too. It’s always fun to see what marketing tricks they use to sell their stuff. How much longer and straighter there’s is to all of the others. It doesn’t matter in the least that the ...

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What’s Golf’s Fascination With Ugly Clothes?

Ugly clothes and golfing have gone hand-in-hand for years. I don’t know who started it but I think he should be punched in the nose for it. Well, that was the old me. I’m much more tolerant as I’ve gotten older. In fact, as I’ve gotten older, I have on occasion pushed the envelope in the clothing department myself. I ...

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I Snapped A Club – I Was So Pissed !!

Have you ever snapped a golf club on a tree or your knee? I have a couple of times. I felt just in doing so at the time, after all I was supposed to be an expert player. Not some hack like the rest of the players on the golf course. I Snapped A Club – I Was So Pissed ...

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