Lining Up A Putt

Lining up a putt isn’t as easy at it looks. You have to consider many things like grain, slope, speed, wind, etc. It’s actually very difficult and it helps if you have any understanding of physics or architecture.

Physics comes into play because of gravity and inertia a la Sir Isaac Newton; those kinds of things. Architecture is important because you can see and feel what is level and what’s not. Combine these two understandings and now you have something to build upon.

Lining Up A Putt

Now there is always one more method that my brother seems to like; just hit the ball to the hole and give yourself a gimmee on the next shot - “Asshole!!” He’ll never get it but after all of these years, it’s part of his charm.

Not everyone has one of those fancy “Putter Aligners” like Al Czervick has. Now that would be Awesome!!

We want to hear from you. Let us know your stories. Do you have a playing partner who is uncanny on the greens or are they like my brother? The wants to know.

Lining Up A Putt

Lining Up A Putt

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  1. Part of the problem comes from your head and eye position. If your gaze is not perpendicular to the ground with your head over the ball, the line will look wrong when you get ready to putt. There will be a conflict between where the line is pointing and where you think you should be aiming your putterface. This doubt is not good for confidence.

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