New Equipment Is Coming… Hurry!!

Well it’s the season where all of the golf club manufacturers are putting out their latest and greatest revolutionary engineering breakthroughs. Yeah… I like it too.

It’s always fun to see what marketing tricks they use to sell their stuff. How much longer and straighter there’s is to all of the others. It doesn’t matter in the least that the average golfer might make correct contact once in a given round. They are promised to play like the pros if they just buy this club or that ball.

Like I said, I fall for it too. Can they really make a club or ball that much better? Maybe. They get us by selling us the dream or illusion. It’s that simple. We will buy anything that gives us the best chance of beating our buddies or bringing back the glory days of when you used to play good.

New Equipment Is Coming… Hurry!!

I for the first time in a long time are in need of new irons. Well, not need per se but I’m telling myself that anyway. My current set is from 1977 and yes I do have newer sets in the basement. These are sentimental because they were my dads and I remember playing with them in high school. So, I would like to set them aside before I snap a shaft on them and maybe hit the ball straighter and longer with a new set that is engineered like a NASA shuttle.

I have no idea what I will buy but I do know that I will go try the clubs that appeal to me from the advertisements I see. I have a few months to think about this because I probably won’t play until April or May at the earliest.

If I can get just one more club in length back, it will all be worth it. That’s what I’m going to be telling myself anyway.

The wants to here about your new club purchases or about falling for an ad that promised you the moon and maybe fell short a little bit. I think all of us has stories to tell.




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