Who Said Golfer’s Can’t Get Chicks?

I remember back in High School when I played golf for the school. No girls thought that was cool. Not being named 4-time MVP and team Captain helped. I had to join the football team to get any attention and even that was limited. I’m glad to see that CaddyShack helped me out a little by making golf cool. And I owe a big thanks to Tiger Woods for taking golf to an even higher level of acceptability amongst hot chicks.

Who Said Golfer’s Can’t Get Chicks?

Let the 19thHoleGolfClub.com know about your success and failure’s with hot chicks. I’m not asking for stories that will put you in therapy for a few years. Also, I’m not necessarily looking for stories that will make readers of Penthouse blush either, but try your best.

Who Said Golfer's Can't Get Chicks?

Who Said Golfer’s Can’t Get Chicks?

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  1. Cute card! We have some golfers in this falimy, too! I tried but I’m better holding markers than a golf club! this looks like a neat set for me to own, however!

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