Lacey Underall Is A Golfer’s Dream

Lacey Underall was the perfect name for this golf vixen. She had everyone at Bushwood CC drooling over herĀ as she did half the membership or so it seemed.

Most golf clubs are mostly male and honestly that is perfectly fine by most of the guys. They think a foursome of women golfer’s are slow players. Nothing can be further from the truth. They play much quicker than the boys and some of them are better than the boys. OK… the sermon ends there.

Lacy Underall Is A Golfer’s Dream

Anyway, with all of that said. There still isn’t very many Playmate type ladies on the course. Although in the real world, there isn’t either. Hmmmm…. I guess the purpose of this post was to show her picture and let you guys have a moment. And ladies, there aren’t very many 6-pack abs kind of guys either.

We want to here from you. Tell us about your memories of either beautiful people or of the movie Caddyshack. The wants to know.

Lacy Underall Is A Golfer's Dream

Lacey Underall Is A Golfer’s Dream

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