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Finding The Fairway Is Hard

Everybody has those days when you can’t hit a fairway to save your life. You aim any and every way imaginable and one time you hit a pull hook and the next a push slice. What gives? It shouldn’t be as hard as it is to¬†find the “G-Spot”, should it? Finding The Fairway Is Hard Please let the 19thHoleGolfClub.com know ...

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Who Said Golfer’s Can’t Get Chicks?

I remember back in High School when I played golf for the school. No girls thought that was cool. Not being named 4-time MVP and team Captain helped. I had to join the football team to get any attention and even that was limited. I’m glad to see that CaddyShack helped me out a little by making golf cool. And ...

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CaddyShack Was Awesome!!

Do you remember CaddyShack? It was the best golf movie ever. They should’ve stopped at one but I understand when there’s a money grab happening, everybody wants there’s. So many memorable quotes came from that movie. It’s amazing. That’s why CaddyShack Was Awesome!! What was your favorite quote or quotes? Please share with the 19thHoleGolfClub.com and see how many we ...

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