I Snapped A Club – I Was So Pissed !!

Have you ever snapped a golf club on a tree or your knee? I have a couple of times. I felt just in doing so at the time, after all I was supposed to be an expert player. Not some hack like the rest of the players on the golf course.

I Snapped A Club – I Was So Pissed !!

Why I did or anyone else for that matter snaps clubs is anyone’s guess. I know my buddies laughed their asses off at me when I snapped my last club. Man… Was I pissed! I never did it again because it was a costly temper tantrum. Plus I knew my friends would just stop playing with me if I continued to be such a hot head on the course. For some reason, they all knew I was a hack but I didn’t.

Let the 19thHoleGolfClub.com know about your fits of rage or a buddies temper tantrum. It should make for some entertaining reading.


putter shaft meme

I Snapped A Club – I Was So Pissed !!

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