Golf Is Not For The Rich

I’ve been told for 25yrs that golf is a rich man’s game. Bull Shit!! Who ever believes that has never been married. I’m not criticizing marriage because I love being married. Most of my 22yrs with my wife have been happy ;)

My rational is this. I usually play local public golf that costs about $30 for 18 holes. Sometimes I play “fancier” courses that can cost $60-75 and once a year I will go to Kohler and play one of the best courses in the world for $125 or so.

The time it takes me to play and travel can be anywhere from 5-7hrs. Add an hour if you stay for lunch and beers. So for argument sakes, lets say as long as 6-8hrs. Your probably saying “what’s your point?” My point is if I spend that long with my wife, I’m spending $200 easy. No question about it. There will be $30 for lunch, $60 at the grocery store, $75 at Target, $30 at the liquor store, $40 at the movies, etc. etc. Now you see my point right?

Golf Is Not For The Rich

I know some of you might be saying that most of that money might be spent anyway because household stuff has to be bought and people need to eat. Well, consider this; if my wife was at home she would have made a sandwich and ate it there. At Target she would’ve only bought what she really needed and there wouldn’t have been any splurging. The movies wouldn’t have happened and the liquor store may not have happened. Plus all of that running around probably would’ve taken 4-5 hours with the movie included. There’s still time to spend money like at the custard stand or at a wine tasting or god forbid more shopping at stores I could give a shit about.

It’s so much cheaper for me to golf than to spend the same amount of time with my wife. Case closed. Yes, it is that simple.

Tell the what you think. Am I nuts? Am I right? Give me your stories, I bet they will be like mine.

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